Rosediem RACI Utility - CASS

The Rosediem RACI Industry Utility For CASS

Complex regulations translated into clear operational language

A standard methodology & industry validation lets firms manage their CASS oversight, risk, & SMCR oversight efficiently & consistently


The Rosediem RACI Utility

Legalistic CASS rules translated into a set of operational processes & risks that
are easy to understand & provided in a library

Meets SMCR Requirements, FRC requirements & other CASS oversight requirements in one tool

A method for translating & evidencing CASS responsibility from the Board to every level of the organisation

One CASS risk register for the organisation covering the needs of Level 1, Internal Audit, Compliance, ERM, & the Board

Demonstrates completeness of the CASS control infrastructure in a simple & effective way, including business as usual processes


  • People
  • CASS Process
  • BAU Process
  • Systems
  • CASS breaches

Partner Technology Solutions

  • The RACI provides a methodology for using technology effectively
  • Automate the use of the RACI library, the attestation process & management reporting

The benefits of the Rosediem RACI utility solution

  • Significantly cheaper than creating and maintaining in-house mapping
  • Standard approach between firms simplifies audits
  • Technology automates attestation and MI production processes
  • More targeted CASS training & CASS testing
  • Reduces levels of personal accountability by evidencing responsible delegation
  • Better risk management & visibility of emerging control issues
  • Reduced impact of breaches and better placed for discussions with regulator
  • Internal Audit focussed on areas of greatest risk
  • Standard, structured, and automated approach delivers clarity, completeness, efficient status update management, and meaningful MI
  • Demonstrates completeness of all reporting through the RACI methodology
  • Manages CASS without constantly referring to complicated rules
  • Rule updates analysed by Rosediem and changes distributed automatically

How the RACI Utility Works

  • Every CASS rule is translated into operational processes & risks using clear, concise day to day business terminology
  • These operational processes & risks are organised within 10 Rosediem CASS Pillars to provide a logical, thematic structure to simplify set-up, monitoring and risk management, reporting and decision making

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